DISCOGRAPHY> Badlands - Ballads of the Lakota


Badlands - Ballads of the Lakota

Superlatone - October 25, 2005



Everette Helper's Song (Marty Stuart)
Badlands (Marty Stuart)
Trip to Little Big Horn (Marty Stuart)
Old Man's Vision (Marty Stuart)
Wounded Knee (Marty Stuart)
Big Foot (John R. Cash)
Hotchkiss Gunner's Lament (Marty Stuart)
Broken Promise Land (Marty Stuart)
Casino (Marty Stuart)
So You Want to Be an Indian (Marty Stuart)
Walking Through the Prayers (Marty Stuart)
Three Chiefs (Marty Stuart)
Listen to the Children (Marty Stuart)

Recorded at Johnny Cash's cabin studio in Tennessee and co-produced by the late legend's son, John Carter Cash, BADLANDS makes Marty Stuart's connection to the Man in Black all the more explicit. A former bandmate and son-in-law of Cash's, Stuart also shares the country icon's interest in Native American culture, as evidenced on this 2005 album. The moody production and Stuart's twangy, occasionally rock-inflected arrangements carry these 13 sweeping narratives about the always rich, always complex history of America's indigenous people. The result is a compelling record and a thoughtful addition to the singer's increasingly remarkable body of work.