DISCOGRAPHY> Kindred Spirits - A Tribute to The Songs of Johnny Cash


Kindred Spirits -
A Tribute to The Songs of Johnny Cash



1. Understand Your Man
2. I Still Miss Someone
3. Train of Love
4. Get Rhythm
5. Folsom Prison Blues
6. I Walk the Line
7. Big River
8. Give My Love to Rose
9. Don't Take Your Guns to Town
10. Flesh and Blood
11. Hardin Wouldn't Run
12. Hey Porter
13. Meet Me in Heaven
14. For Luther (I Walk the Line Reprise)

As the Man in Black celebrates his 70th birthday, he looks back on a career not only of legendary performances, but of remarkable songs that capture a bygone America, in vignettes of trains, rivers, rebels, street-corner shoeshine boys, and displaced lovers, moving on, never to return. To honor that contribution, now part of America's musical heritage, more than a dozen luminaries of country, rock, and folk--including Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Sheryl Crow--gather to interpret Cash's word portraits of the downtrodden and disenfranchised. Nearly every performance is a keeper, though some deliver a special thrill: Dylan introducing his rendition of "Train of Love" as a song he used to sing before he ever wrote songs himself; Little Richard turning "Get Rhythm" into even more of a rockabilly raver; and Cash's daughter, Rosanne, giving "I Still Miss Someone" a clean, sweet reading that underscores its poignant message. Yet it's Springsteen, in a cover of "Give My Love to Rose," who comes to own the project, laying bare the pain, h ope, spirituality, love, and despair that Cash wove into the framework of almost all of his songs. An extraordinary set from, yes, kindred spirits all. -- Alanna Nash